E-commerce Discounts & Coupon Ideas To Plan For Blockbuster 2023

Ecommerce discount coupon ideas

Coupons will always remain a valuable part of any consumer’s shopping journey, no matter how much things change! They can be just the thing you need to pique the interest of your customers and drive loyalty and conversions. A recent report stated that the value of digital coupon redemptions surged from $47 billion in 2017 to $91 billion in 2022. Additionally, there were 1.05 Billion mobile coupon users worldwide in 2019. 

Offering a one-time code on checkout could mean your customers get rewarded with discounts like Rs 200 or 20% off their order, or maybe some other incentive like free shipping. In this post, we’ll explore some ideas for discount codes and explain how best to use them to see results in your conversions.

Types of Discount Coupons You Can Offer 

  1. Percentage off the purchase – Many businesses offer percent-off coupons (like 10-20% OFF) to build their email list, as customers are always eager to receive discounts on their purchases. You can utilize these discount coupons to give an extra boost during the holiday season or entice customers into completing their orders.
  1. Value off the purchase – This type of discount coupon refers to a coupon offering a set amount of value off the total cost of the item/product. For instance, you can offer customers a Rs 500 off coupon on making a purchase of a minimum of Rs 2,500 from your store. 
  1. Gift offers – Who doesn’t like freebies?! You can ask your customers to spend just a little bit more and have the chance to take home complimentary samples with orders above a certain amount. You can also give your followers something extra to look forward to by creating a free-gift-with-purchase coupon and surprising them with your product samples.
  1. Free shipping – This is yet another sales tactic focused on attracting buyers. Online businesses give customers this incentive to purchase certain items with no added shipping cost. 

15 Discount Coupon Ideas for E-commerce and D2C Stores

Now, let’s explore some of the most popular options for offering discounts and coupons – each accompanied by an example: 

1. Weekly/monthly offers

These are sales that usually happen at the end of a week or month respectively to get more conversions. You can target specific products, categories, or even special holiday weeks to get the orders rolling in. Note that when you are planning the weekly or monthly deals, A/B testing can help you figure out the perfect timing for sending out the offers as well. For instance, you could announce the deal on Monday and then send friendly reminders on Wednesday and Sunday! 

Here is a perfect example of a weekly discount offer by AccorHotels. They are giving a special weekend offer with up to 50% off on breakfast to boost their sales during the weekends. 

discount-coupon - idea-example

2. First-time shopper discounts

The name says it all! This discount code is specially crafted for those who are yet to purchase from your store. Sharing these coupon codes with those potential buyers unlocks an opportunity of converting them into loyal customers. This way, you can also enhance your email list and improve customer acquisition. 

If you’re an online seller, use website popups to get the attention of your customers and  entice them into buying your product by offering exclusive discount codes and special offers.

Have a look at this first-order discount code offer in a welcome popup from AACHHO.

3. Pre-launch offers 

If you are still at the stage of launching your business or a new product, pre-launch offers are the perfect way to spread the news and generate interest, turning potential customers into dedicated supporters of your brand. You can give your interested customers early access to your product or service and make them feel special. However, don’t forget to take the email IDs and contact info of your customers for future sales. 

For instance, see how Samsung offers a pre-order bonus as soon as you land on its homepage and gives a timeline for the launch of the product as well!

4. Holiday and festive deals

This type of coupon code is a no-brainer! Offering festive discounts on special days such as Christmas, Black Friday and more is an absolute breeze. If the holiday season is approaching, you can use this as a way to draw more customers to your store and increase sales. 

Also, you should consider giving discounts on other special days such as Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, etc. Your customers will be delighted that you are giving them exclusive deals, as they tend to be shopping more for others around this time. 

For instance, see how the skin and makeup brand Bobbi Brown’s website popped up with a bold red banner offering a sitewide sale as well as a gift for spending more than a certain amount during Black Friday. 

Discount ideas for D2C businesses

5. Event attendance coupons 

Are you hosting an event, be it in person or online? Why not reward attendees with exciting discounts and even gifts? Not only will this help foster strong relationships with your customers and increase their loyalty toward your brand, but they’ll also be more likely to join you at any future events! Ensure to provide these rewards during or after the event – either way, it’s sure to excite!

Check out this offer from Adobe where they offer a discount of $600 on signing up for a summit.  

Discount coupon ideas for D2C business

6. Customer milestone offers 

Understanding the importance of customer loyalty is key! You can show your appreciation for those who continually support you by marking their milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. Other milestones could also be their relationship with your brand such as the date of their first purchase, completing a specific number of purchases, etc. 

Making customers feel appreciated and valued is a surefire way to keep them coming back – so keep track of those special dates, and show your long-standing customers some love!

Here’s an example of how MadCloth rewards its customers by sending personalized emails to them on completing a year together! 

7. Abandoned Cart offers 

Cart abandonment is a pressing issue for most e-commerce businesses. According to statistics, 69% of online shoppers leave without completing an order. However, you can recover those lost sales by using abandoned cart emails and bringing your customers back! Providing that little extra incentive with a discount code or special offer is all it takes to make your customers reconsider, giving you another chance at making that sale.

Take a look at this email from Levis offering a heavy discount (25%) to buy the abandoned item.

8. Referral discount codes 

Leverage the power of referrals! As per a study, over 90% of customers are likely to buy a product recommended by friends or family. Therefore, when your customers have friends or family members who are looking to buy, make sure you’re the first stop they turn to. By offering enticing deals that reward both referrer and referee, you’ll find more people interested in what you have to offer – making it a win-win situation! Also, learn more at 4 Powerful Referral Strategies for D2C Brands

See how health food brand PRESS does it: 

9. Influencer offers

Collaborations with influencers and their substantial followings are an effective way to amplify your brand. By granting select members of the influencers’ community a special offer, you can effectively convert followers into customers. To help you find the right influencer, here’s a list of the 100 Best Instagram Influencers for D2C Brands in 2022.

Here’s an example from the brand HelloFresh:

10. Exit-intent offers

Just as your prospective customer is about to walk away, what if you could give them one final chance? An exit-intent dialog presents a special offer as they get ready to leave your store or close the tab (online), in the hopes of turning that visitor into a delighted customer! Make sure your exit-intent offer is clear, specific, and bold so that customers don’t pass up the amazing chance. 

The exit-intent offer pop-up by Everlane offers a discount to attract subscribers. The addition of a simple form also helps them send personalized emails to their customers with the products they’re most likely to shop for.

11. Contest giveaways 

Online contests have the power to excite and engage people uniquely. Not only do they drive word-of-mouth referrals, but they can contribute to increased sales as well! Allowing your customers to win special prizes can help your business generate tons of buzz among potential buyers.

For example, see how the plastic-free skincare brand Attitude Living offers giveaways in its contest introducing its new products/collections.

12. Email/Newsletter subscription offers

Building an email list is crucial to business success! By subscribing to your newsletter, the visitors provide their email, giving you the golden opportunity of building relationships with customers and foster loyalty over time. Providing an offer in exchange for visitors’ email addresses —such as discounts or freebies—can give you the edge you need to boost conversions. On top of that, it serves as a great platform for future marketing offers!

See how Emma Bridgewater promises 15% off for signing up for the brand’s newsletter:

13. Minimum purchase discount 

Unlock higher profits with an ingenious coupon code idea – a discount for any purchase larger than RsX. It’s the perfect way to draw attention to your products and grow sales! Incentivizing your audience with a minimum purchase discount will turn their focus on the collection you want them to spotlight. You’ll be able to unlock savings when customers buy certain products and collections!

See how kids apparel brand Carter’s extra 10% off on purchase orders of $50. 

14. Flash sale offers

ECommerce businesses run flash sales to excite their customers — offering amazing discounts, limited quantities, and a short window of opportunity. With flash sale offers, businesses try to make customers’ shopping experience even more thrilling with coupon codes and super deals that last anywhere from just a few hours up to 24 hours! 

A flash sale is a perfect way to entice shoppers, get them excited about your products and make those spontaneous purchases. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to raise awareness of your brand and build customer loyalty. And who knows? They might even check out some other products you have on offer while they’re at it!

Here’s an example of a flash sale by Nykaa:

15. Product bundling offers

Product bundling is one of the best ways of offering discounts to customers. Give them a discount code when you bundle two or more compatible items, such as an outfit of winter wear – including cozy scarves, hats, and gloves. Or offer savings on bundles of replenishable such as cleaning supplies or health & beauty products. This will help you take your business up a notch!

Here’s an example of product bundling offered by Amazon. Amazon does this for almost all the products listed on its site. 

Discount coupon example from Amazon

Use These Discount Coupon Ideas To Boost Conversions 

Offers and discounts can be a great way to achieve your goals if you go into it with the right strategy. Before launching an offer, define your objectives and have a thorough understanding of how they align with your brand. Then get creative! Experimenting with different offers can help you build customer loyalty and boost sales.

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