How To Write Product Description And Grow Your Sales in 2023  (Best Examples & Template)

How to write product description

Product descriptions play a crucial role for Ecommerce and D2C businesses. Investing time into writing quality product descriptions is a great way to rank in search results, capitalize on long-tail search queries, understand customer search intent and attract them. According to stats, nearly 90% of consumers rate product content extremely or very important when deciding to buy. Another study claims that 64% of users return online purchases due to poorly written product descriptions.

This means writing quality product descriptions is extremely important for businesses as it gives them an opportunity to reflect what they are as a brand and lure customers. In this blog, we share everything about product descriptions – what are they, why are they so important in our content-filled online shopping age, and how can you craft the perfect one that’ll be sure to rank in search results and increase web traffic! Read on!

What Is A Product Description?

A product description is a short, persuasive text that clearly explains the features, benefits, and specifications of your product. It should be clear, concise and engaging so that customers can get an accurate picture of the product before making their purchase. 

It should answer the following questions for the buyer: 

  1. What is it made of? – The ingredients, materials used to make the product
  2. Where has it come from? – An interesting story of how it came to being
  3. Why should someone buy it? – its features/benefits 
  4. How much space would it take? – Dimensions or measurements

Product descriptions should be unique, between 300-600 words, and unlike anything else available on the market. Check out this example of a product description from Greensole below—it speaks for itself!

Product description example
Credit: Greensole

How To Craft The Perfect Product Description With Examples From Real Brands 

When it comes to crafting creative descriptions for your products, the message is clear: write something! Don’t leave your product pages empty as it can result in dismal search rankings and a potentially costly Google penalty. We understand writing product descriptions for 2,000 items can be difficult, but investing your time in it will pay dividends. 

Here we share some tips on how you can craft great product descriptions, easily: 

1. Research about your target audience

First things first. Crafting engaging descriptions for your product starts with getting to know who your ideal customer is. It is essential to develop an in-depth buyer persona that highlights their interests, needs and desires before writing a description. By understanding which features matter most to your customers, you’ll be able to craft product descriptions that make them eager to purchase from you!

For example, take a look at this product description by Etsy.

How to write product description
Credit: Etsy

The buyer persona is not just anyone who buys the bag. Instead, it is also interested in knowing about how natural colors are used to create such bags. Rather than focusing on only the strength of the bag, the description talks about how they also support rural livelihoods of Nepal by working with a group of Nepalihandcrafters.  

2. Write it in bullet points for better readability

If you want to entice potential customers with your product descriptions, start by highlighting the key advantages each item offers via bullet points – this way, your buyers can quickly see what’s in it for them! A pro tip here could be to just rephrase your vendor’s information (such as its features & benefits) and re-word it at a later stage. 

Here’s an example of a bullet point list product description by MamaEarth. Each bullet point talks about the benefits and how safe the product is!

Credit: MamaEarth

Highlight benefits of your products 

As an ambitious business owner, you are eager to showcase the excellent features of your product. However, instead of writing about specifications and measurements, you should highlight how it can benefit the buyer’s life – unveiling the unique qualities of the product! Showcase how your product stands out from all other offerings in the market and paint an imagery for potential buyers about what their lives could look like when using it.

Here’s a great example of a product description by Designer Modern for their Liberty chair, focusing on its benefits. 

Highlight benefits of the product
Credit: Designer Modern

Turn product description into a story

Many people think that what we pick out at the store is a result of logical comparisons, but in reality our hearts often have just as much control as our heads. Whether it be purchases large or small, we tend to go for whatever captures our attention and sparks joy in us. 

According to stats, 

  • Emotional reactions are 3,000 times quicker than rational thought.
  • Emotional parts of the brain process sensory input 5X faster than rational thought.

And product descriptions are the perfect opportunity to evoke emotions and connect with potential buyers. How? 

Think of what kind of captivating tale will draw your buyers in and make them imagine how their life could be better? Think about how the product you are offering can support such a narrative – what needs does it meet for them, psychologically or emotionally? Then, craft a story around those needs that highlights the power and potential of your product. 

For instance, this product description by GoPro not only gives intricate details of the backpack, but you can vividly imagine the adventure that awaits when you don this item. 

Turn product description into a story

Use power words that sell 

Words have the power to stir emotions. By harnessing specific “power words” such as those described by Jon Morrow at Smart Blogger, you can turn your product copy into an almost irresistible offer – one that will have customers leaping head-first towards checkout! 

Here is the link to that monster 800+ power words manual.  

Here, we share another example of a great product description by the brand Everlane. It uses “power words” such as “inspired”, “walkable” and “extra” to explain the comfort the heels bring, with no exaggeration!

Product description: “All. Damn. Day. The Day Heel’s ballet-inspired silhouette is designed with a rounded toe, a walkable two-inch block heel, and an elasticized back for extra comfort.”

Use power words in your product description
Credit: Everlane

Optimize for search engines

Attracting new customers is a breeze with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! The crucial first step in convincing buyers to make purchases from your online store is finding the best keywords for them. A quick keyword research (on Google) will reveal which words are most popular with shoppers, giving you an edge over the competition! 

For instance, see how apparel brand AJIO is using “white trousers” as a keyword as a title on the top of their site page and pants/kurtis in the product title. 

Optimize for search engines
Credit: Ajio

To know which keywords you can use in your product descriptions, meta descriptions, and product titles, you can simply go to Google. For instance, if you enter the keyword “white pants for women ” on Google, it will give you an idea of what other keywords you can use while writing your product descriptions and titles. Here, we see that “kurtis” and “trousers” are popular search terms being used with white pants and thus, you could use it too easily with your page content. 

Use Google search for keyword research
Credit: Google Search

Another way of knowing about the keywords is by using the Keyword Planner and searching relevant keywords with their monthly average searches.

Use quality product photos

No matter how expertly crafted your product descriptions might be, you must still pair them with high-quality images if you want to make a lasting impression. According to reports, 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.

For example, see how Canon shows the features of its camera via images and videos, and tells the buyers about its use cases, instead of just writing about the specifications.  

Use quality product photos
Credit: Canon

Leverage social proof

Leverage social proof to show that your brand is trustworthy – it’ll give customers the confidence and assurance they need to take that leap of faith. According to Marketing land, customers say that they are likely to spend 31% more if they read excellent reviews. Moreover, 72% of customers say they trust a business more if they read positive reviews about the business.

For example, see how boAt displays customer reviews about its each product to gain credibility and build trust: 

displays customer reviews on product page
Credit: boAt Website

Our Free Product Description Template

These few tips can provide you with a great foundation for crafting compelling product descriptions, but if you’re still looking for the perfect template to get your creative juices flowing, have no fear! We’ve got just the thing – a product description template that is sure to help guide your writing and leave potential customers wanting more.

Product description template 

  1. Section 1: Heading 

This is NOT your product title but your opening line. It can include your company addressing the pain point of the buyer or the benefit of the product. 

For instance, “A laptop bag that you can take wherever you go!” or “Don’t get your laptop damaged”

  1. Section 2: Introduction/Short Story

The  ____________________ (product name) is the perfect piece for _____________________ (occasion) when you want to look ______________________ (benefit). It pairs perfectly with ______________ (other items – paint an imaginary picture), so your style is effortless yet elevated. And you won’t have to worry about____________ (feature), you’ll be able to ____________ (benefit).

  1. Section 3: Details and specifications (in bullet points)

In this section, cover the intricate details of your product with regards to its measurements and raw materials used to create it.  

  • Dimensions – Give exact dimensions (e.g. 10 inches x 12 inches) 
  • Color – Provide details. “Deep Moss Green Bag” gives the buyer a better idea of the color than just writing “Green”
  • Ingredients/materials – List what’s important and required by law, especially if you are in the beauty and care or food industry. Writing that you do not use chemicals or dyes can create a great impact on buyers 
  • Size – Write about the availability of your product in sizes and it would fit into the shelf, cupboard, etc. 
  1. Section 4: Add social proof (optional) 

Add  customer testimonials or customer reviews or provide links to review sites. This helps add credibility to the brand. 

  1. Add Ons:

Add a compelling CTA, shipping discounts and any other offer you may have!

Writing unique, SEO-friendly and keyword targeted product descriptions is a vital skill for any business to master. Our FREE product description template makes it easy – just follow the step-by-step guide! Of course, we’re always here if you need a helping hand. 

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