Packaging Inserts Ideas For Ecommerce Brands (With Templates)

Packaging inserts

Personalization plays a crucial role in strengthening customer relationships. As much as 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides personalized experiences. And one of the most effective ways of providing personalization to the buyers is by including packaging inserts while shipping the product. 

Today, the packaging is not just about the safe and secure delivery of a product at the doorstep of the customer. It is also about the superlative experience to them and building loyalty. Packaging inserts, if used the right way, can transform your business and help you stay ahead of your competitors. Let’s have a closer look at what packaging inserts are, their importance, types, and more. Read on!

Packaging Inserts Explained

Packing inserts, alternatively referred to as packaging inserts, serve as additional items included by e-commerce retailers in their shipments before dispatching them to customers. These inserts prove to be a valuable component in optimizing shipping and fulfillment strategies, as they frequently catch recipients off guard, fostering customer loyalty. Brands utilize these inserts as a means to promote campaigns and special promotions while delivering added value to their customers. In essence, package inserts play a crucial role in elevating the unboxing experience, allowing businesses to cultivate relationships with buyers through a cost-effective and flexible gesture.

The Importance of Packaging Inserts 

The Importance of packaging inserts is that they do not require much investment and bring in lots of returns for your business. The top reasons why packaging inserts are so important are:

  1. They cost low – Packaging inserts are not very expensive and can yield high results. For instance, if you are sending a Thank you note to a customer for buying a product, you can get these cards printed in bulk and include them in all the shipping items. 
  1. They increase loyalty & improve customer retention –  Packaging inserts help you provide a positive experience to your customers and help you retain them. When a customer finds a personal note or a small gift inside the package, it is sure to strike an emotional chord with him/her.  
  1. Packing Inserts Can Help You Cross-sell – Packaging inserts also give e-commerce brands an opportunity to cross-sell their products. For instance, if a customer has ordered a perfume, you can send a small bottle of moisturizer as a packaging insert. This will help you cross-sell your other range of products. 
  1. Guide the customer about the product – They provide an explanation of product features and benefits to potential customers, but most importantly they also enable you to target your messaging in a very specific fashion.

Types of Packaging Inserts (With Templates)

It is important to look for the right packaging inserts that are tailored to serve the purposes of your company. The design, brand, and functionality of the packaging insert will also have an impact on the customer. It is essential that your customers are able to identify your products and make purchases easily. For this reason, it is important to use innovative packaging inserts that can help you have a positive customer experience. 

Here are some packaging inserts that you can consider using: 

Discount Coupons

This is one of the most popular packaging inserts. They provide a touch of personalization for your buyer and give them the feeling that their purchase on the website is appreciated. Even though you can send these coupons to the buyer via email, including them in the package box adds that extra element of surprise. It is a good idea to include more than one of these discount coupons, as customers can then pass them on to their friends or relatives, spreading the word about your brand.

An example of an e-commerce brand including discount coupons as packaging inserts would be the beauty products brand Shea. Shea adds various types of packaging inserts in its shipping boxes to entice the buyers. For instance, it includes a discount coupon of 20% on the next order for the customer.

Packaging Insert Discount Coupon

Here is another example: 

Packaging Insert Discount Coupon

Here are some ideas that you can use for designing your discount coupons:

  • Free shipping on orders above [$XYZ]
  • 30% OFF on your next order 
  • 10% OFF on your $50 and above purchase 
  • Discount coupon: 50% OFF on minimum order of $XYZ

Thank you cards or personalized notes 

Handwritten thank you cards and personalized notes can add a lot of value to your package. If you send a thank you note in which you express how happy you are that a customer made a purchase from your website and chose you, they will feel special and will definitely return to your website to shop again. 

As an example, Thrive Market, which is a grocery service platform, sends a thank-you note to all its customers who order from them. So, the moment customers open the box, they don’t find their products immediately but a beautiful thank you note. 

Packaging Insert Thank You Card

Here is a template that you can use for a thank you note: 

Dear [Name of the customer]

I would like to personally thank you for choosing [name of your company] for your purchase. 

I really hope you’ll enjoy <product name>, as it’s been one of our best sellers and a personal favorite of mine.

Thanks again/Sincerely, 

[Name of the Company CEO]

Small gifts 

Small gifts are a wonderful way to surprise and delight customers, without leaving them feeling like you’re trying to sell them other products. The gift you give doesn’t have to be costly. Since it is unexpected, additional presents will delight most.

As an example, Design By Humans is a shirt retailer. It is known to include free merchandise along with the orders to endear its customers. 

Freebies or product samples 

Customers are always pleased when they receive more than they ordered, so when they receive a sample package, they will be surprised and delighted. This not only gives you an opportunity to cross-sell your products but will also help you retain customers. They will return to your website because they are getting a bigger return on the investment they made on your website. 

For instance, beauty brands Nykaa and  Kama Ayurveda both often send free samples to their customers for trial.

“Share review on social media” request notes 

Then, with a little ingenuity, you can also send your social media handles to your customers, and request them to leave their feedback on your social media pages. You can also ask them to leave positive feedback if they like your product, in exchange for a free coupon for the next purchase.

Here is an example of how a body surfing and water sports company Slyde Handboards sent packaging inserts and requested its costumes to share pictures and videos on their social media platforms:

Note: They have also shared a discount coupon of 20% for the customer,  via email. 


If you too want to request feedback on social media, here’s a template you can start using right away:

Dear [first name]

Thank you for your recent purchase from [company name]. 

We would love to see our product being used! Please tag us on any of our social media platforms: 

[Include social media channel icons] 

This helps us to continue providing great products and helps others understand how [company name] can make their lives easier.  

We will be grateful.

Best Regards,

[Your name]

You can find many more templates here

Warranty Card 

If the product is under warranty, always include a warranty card. This packaging insert does not have to be very fancy, but it can add a lot of value and earn the respect of your customer. They should be directed to the website or page where they can learn more about the warranty, especially for expensive products. This will save them from the struggle of going online and looking for it. Although your customers may not be aware of it at first, they will have it in hand in case they need any assistance.

Hope you find this guide useful to create your own packaging inserts. As with all marketing efforts, be sure to test different package insert programs and offers to create your own successful campaign that will increase customer satisfaction, sales, and profit for your business.

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