Finding The Right Financing Option For Startup

How to find the right financing options for startup

Almost all startups need extra capital at different stages in their business lifecycle. From paying vendors and doing marketing activities to growing your business and developing your product further, you need capital. And for that, various financing options are available…

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Imagimake Raises Financing From Velocity

Imagimake raises funds from velocity

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) startup Imagimake has raised an undisclosed round of financing from Velocity, India’s largest revenue-based financier. This is the second round of financing they have raised from Velocity, having previously also raised Rs 4.4 crore in pre-series A funding…

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Revenue-Based Financing – A Complete Guide

what is revenue based financing and how it works

Fundraising for startups has always been crucial to meet their working capital needs and grow faster. Traditionally, business owners have been dependent on venture capital firms, angel investors and banks for raising money at the cost of equity shares or…

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Introducing Velocity Insights: Unleash the Power of Data


Working with e-commerce businesses day in and day out, we discovered two significant pain points.  Firstly, the nature of these businesses is such that they are spread across various online platforms. These include online marketplaces, self-owned websites, and various digital…

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Want to Increase Revenue? Focus on Customer Retention

Businesses generally focus on generating leads and growing their customer base. But did you know that acquiring new customers is 5 to 25 times costlier than retaining existing ones? Increasing retention can also lead to exponential revenue growth. To quantify,…

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