10 Indian D2C Brands With Best Instagram Ads (Update for 2022)

Top brands with best Instagram ads
10 Indian D2C Brands With Best Instagram Ads (Updated 2022)

This is part 3 of our blog series on Instagram Ads. If you haven’t read our previous posts, you can find them here:

  1. Building A Winning Instagram Ads Strategy
  2. Designing Instagram Ads that actually work

Being an active member of the social media ecosystem is integral part of social media marketing. And Instagram Marketing is the catalyst for your business to bloom.

In our previous posts, we walked you through the various steps to creating a top-notch Instagram ads strategy, different types of Instagram ads types, design tips for the various elements of an ad and more. This blog post is sure to inspire you as we go one step ahead and show you top 10 Indian D2C brands that have the best Instagram ads that caught our eyes. 

ProTip: While looking at these instagram ads examples, analyze the following:

  • How are these ads standing out from their competitors?
  • What ideas can you implement in your campaigns?

Using an Instagram ad template is the best way to go about creating exceptional ads, be it a photo ad, a story ad or a video ad.

Here’s our top 10, not in any order of ranking.

  1. Juicy Chemistry
  2. My Glamm
  3. Lenskart
  4. Mama Earth
  5. Pepperfry
  6. Licious
  7. Chumbak
  8. Sugar Cosmetics
  9. Blue Tokai Coffee
  10. BoAt

Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry is an Indian skin care brand that vouches on its 100% organic products. With over 211k followers on Instagrams, it is soon becoming one of the loved skincare brands in the country. Here’s an Instagram ad design by the brand that we love!

Credit: Juicy Chemistry

What we love:

  • Make the product the hero: We are swooning over how they have integrated the occasion along with their offering in their ad campaign. Also look at the simple yet impactful use of product placement and unique hashtag. While they have stuck to their brand colors in the background, they have kept it simple which is a great way to make the product your hero and create brand awareness.
  • Use of minimal yet effective animation: How cool is that simple yet attractive animation of the products? Using animations that are too gaudy can most of the times prove to be ineffective as they can be distracting to the Instagram users.

My Glamm

My Glamm is an Indian beauty brand offering a range of over 800 cruelty-free and vegan products across makeup, skincare, and personal-care categories. With 622k followers on Instagram, MyGlamm’s advertising on Instagram has created quite a buzz not just for the offers they give, but also for the color palette of their designs. Here’s an ad we loved.

Indian brands with best instagram ads
Credit: MyGlamm

What we love:

  • Choosing the right type of ad: Notice how the brand has chosen a carousel ad to showcase its various shades of lipsticks. While the first image mentions “100” shades, the following images go on to showcase the 100 shades that the ad promotes. Choosing the right ad type based on your goals make a huge difference in how your audience views and engages with the ad.
  • Use of emojis in the caption: Emojis help add a fun element to your design and makes it an eye catching ad. It sets the tone to your messaging and amplifies whatever message you’d like to convey. See how the brand has used the ‘lips emoji’ as a pointer showing their creative side which enhances their Instagram advertising by leaps and bounds.


Lenskart is an Indian optical prescription eyewear retail chain. Being the fastest growing eyewear chain in the country, the brand has over 647k followers on Instagram. Here’s an ad that we loved from the brand.

Instagram ads example by D2C brand lenskart
Credit: LensKart

What we love:

  • Playing around with the fonts: If you haven’t noticed before, fonts lend a voice of their own. They have the ability to convey messages that you’d like to communicate. See how Lenskart has used a ‘vintage’ looking font to promote the vintage eyeglass series.
  • Leverage partnerships with other brands: Fossil, the famous watch brand, has launched its eyewear collection only on Lenskart. The brand has used this to its advantage and highlighted the same in the ad. They have also ensured the name ‘Fossil’ stands out in the ad so anyone who sees the ad would direct their attention to the same.


Mamaearth is an Indian brand that aims to provide toxin-free, natural baby care, skincare, hair care products, and more. We love their Instagram page that has over 1 million followers! Here’s what we love about their Instagram video ad.

Credit: Mamaearth

What we love:

  • Advertising with a strong cause: Mamaearth has been known for being a cruelty-free brand. This advertisement amplifies the belief where it promotes their cause of planting more trees. This appeals to the emotional side of the viewer and is sure to make them click on the CTA without thinking twice. 
  • Using hashtags that increase the reach: You will notice two types of hashtags in this ad – One that is on the image that is specific to the campaign, and the other set of hashtags that are in the caption. While the former is used to ensure uniqueness, the latter is used to ensure a greater reach. Hashtags help your audience find you as much as it helps you reach them.
  • Following and adhering to the brand identity: One thing we love about the brand is how they stick to their brand guidelines. See how their logo, text, packaging, and pretty much every design element screams their brand colors? It, in fact, helps retain the brand identity in the audience’s minds for them to connect with your organic posts.


Pepperfry is an Indian online marketplace for furniture and home décor. The brand has been ruling the Indian furniture industry for more than a decade now and has over 223k followers on Instagram. Here’s an Instagram video ad of theirs that caught our attention.

Credit: Pepperfry

What we love:

  • Promoting through your ambassadors or influencers: Imagine getting your ad to reach millions of loyal followers on Instagram! That’s what happens when you associate your brand with a celebrity or an influencer. Especially when you tag your influencer in the ad, the chances of the ad reaching anyone who has been looking for posts about the celebrity is significantly high.
  • Keeping the content short and crisp: If you’ve read our previous blog posts, you’ll know what we think about long videos. We are super appreciative of how this ad copy is short, crisp, and to the point. This ensures you don’t lose the viewer who would rather be watching something else than a long video ad. Always remember who your content is for, and create videos that would resonate with them.


Licious is India’s first D2C Unicorn that operates on a farm-to-fork model, owning the entire back-end supply chain and cold chain. With over 32.4k followers on Instagram, licious has been changing the way people eat meat in the country. Here’s our recent favorite ad of theirs.

Credit: Licious

What we love:

  • Getting creative with the CTAs: While it is true that you have to use CTAs based on your end goals (Sign up, buy now, register now, etc), there is no harm in putting a little extra effort in creating more actionable CTAs. See how Licious has used “Use App” as the CTA to make the user take two actions: One, download the app. Two, purchase the product. We love how organically this works in this single image.
  • Using witty and time-sensitive content: People are bored of the overly used sales jargon and one-liners. Go ahead and get yourself acquainted with what’s happening around you and see how you can use that in your content. We love how the brand uses the ‘Two birds with a single stone’ approach in its content as well. While it addresses the concerns customers might have about the ongoing pandemic, it also lets them know how the products go through safety tests. A gentle push that is highly effective in getting the audience to click that CTA is what digital marketing is all about.


Chumbak, which started as a souvenir store, has grown into a lifestyle brand loved by lacs of people. With over 377k followers, they have one of the most attractive pages on Instagram. While we are already a fan of their colorful and fun posts, here’s their ad that we love!

Credit: Chumbak

What we love:

  • Showcasing multiple products and their usage: The entire ad shows different products that the brand is known for. What stands out here is they also show how the products are being used. It is not just images of the products, rather an example of how the consumer can style the products in their own homes. The vibrant colors of the products along with the rustic vibes add the oomph in the ad.
  • Using video subtitles: Subtitles are cool. It shows inclusiveness, and is of great use when you cannot listen to the audio in a video. We love how the brand has used subtitles, even if just two lines in order to engage with the audience on the social media platform.

Sugar Cosmetics

Known for its beautiful packaging and bold colors, Sugar is a cosmetic brand based out of India that believes in making cruelty-free cosmetics. With over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, the brand has managed to create a customer base that is loyal and ever-growing. Here’s an ad that caught our attention recently.

Credit: Sugar Cosmetics

What we love:

  • Leveraging user generated content: We cannot stress enough on the importance of user-generated content (UGC). UGC brings with it so many opportunities, especially on Instagram. Not only does it increase engagement and reach, it also brings a sense of authenticity and credibility to your brand. It helps your audience see that you actually care about your audience.
  • Using educational content that resonates: Not everyone knows what products to use where. For example, in this ad, the user clearly shows how, or rather, where to use each product. It helps your audience base see how your various products can be used. We also love that the brand has specified the products that have been used. This way, the users just have to click on the CTA and look for the specific product instead of scrolling through the entire list.

Blue Tokai Coffee

With a name as unique as its packaging, Blue Tokai Coffee is a family-owned company that was born from the love of coffee. With over 75.7k followers on Instagram, they are well known for their different varieties of coffee. Here’s a carousel ad we love, and we tell you why!

Blue Toki ads on Instagram
Credit: Blue Tokai

What we love:

  • Using bright colours that attract eyeballs: Colorful images always tend to grab a viewer’s attention and makes them swipe away from their Instagram feed to see what you are talking about . Using bold yet minimalistic designs while sticking to your brand guidelines can help create visually pleasing designs that are sure to help you attract your target audience. Here, the brand has played with colors and given out a new message that coffee ads don’t necessarily have to be brown!
  • Highlight your logo strategically: We’ve all seen ads that have a huge logo in the wrong place. Placing your logo in the right place can ensure your followers recognize your ads instantly. See how the brand has made sure the logo is visible with its packaging as well as towards the bottom of the ad, but they are placed in a way that’s not overwhelming.


 BoAt is an Indian based consumer electronics brand that markets earphones, headphones stereos, travel chargers and more. With over 697k followers on Instagram, BoAt has become the go-to place for electronics enthusiasts. Here’s one of their image ads we love!

brands with best instagram ads in 2022

What we love:

  • Using BOLD font: We’ve said it time and again, use minimal text on image. Designing images with a bolder and bigger font instead creates a bigger impact. Notice how the brand has used minimal text, but still conveyed what they wanted to in the ad above. 
  • Using numbers on the image: Numbers always draw attention. Using them on the image ensures you highlight the important metrics that you want your users to know. Be it ‘10 minutes’ or ‘20% discount’, numbers can guarantee more eyeballs on your ad.

That’s our top 10 best Instagram ad examples which makes you take a peek into the minds of creative marketers. How many of these have you come across? Let us know in the comments section below.

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