100 Best Instagram Influencers for D2C Brands in 2022


Influencer marketing is one of the most effective forms of Instagram Marketing for your D2C brand. For every $1 spent on influencer marketing, brands earn up to $5.78 in return. But how do you choose the right influencers for your Instagram marketing campaigns? Which type or genre of influencer would improve your marketing efforts? In this blog, we will share with you some various categories of social media influencers – fashion, food, health, fitness, etc. – and a little bit about each one of them. And also what key factors to consider while choosing an influencer for your brand. So without any further ado lets dive into it!

Types of Instagram Influencers

Before we share with you the top Instagram influencers for D2C brands, let’s understand the types of influencers by followers count. They are basically:

  1. Nano influencers: They have 1K–10K Instagram followers on their social media channels. They give authentic reviews about the brands or products they like and engage with their followers. If you are a mid-sized business, then they are a cost-effective option for starting your influencer marketing campaigns.
  1. Micro influencers – They have followers between 10K–100K. They are a type of influencer who has specialized in a particular niche. Therefore, they can help you with generating more focused leads via specialized marketing campaigns. Despite having a huge following, they usually keep their followers engaged. 
  1. Macro influencers – They have 100K–1M followers. Macro influencers are generally internet-made celebrities or social media stars. Because of such a high number of followers, the engagement rate with the audience is low. They can be great if you are looking at creating awareness about your brand or products. They can help your brand increase its reach manifold. 
  1. Mega or celebrity influencers – They are celebrities or superstars having more than 1 million followers and are very influential people. Their range of audience is very broad. Reach out to them only if you have a large budget for your campaigns and want them to be your brand ambassador. They can get your brand or product in front of as many people as possible across segments. Finding mega influencers is not at all difficult on Instagram.

Note: You can find nano, micro, and macro Instagram influencers for your brand easily by searching hashtags related to your brand or industry.  

India’s Most Influential Instagram Influencers 

Instagram is one of the best Influencer marketing platform you can use to grow your business. Here we are sharing with you some of the top Instagram influencers who you can approach for your influencer campaign, in various categories:

Sport and fitness influencers 

  • Sahil Khan: Sahil is one of the most popular fitness models and bodybuilders on Instagram with 9.7 million followers. He is the owner of a gym called Life Fitness India. He has also been awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award.
Credit: Sahil Khan Instagram
  • Bani J: Bani is a fitness enthusiast with 1.4 million followers. She shares the videos of her workout sessions and the way to build a body. She also shares her healthy diet, follows strict gym training and shares tips on a healthy lifestyle; thereby becoming an inspiration for her followers, especially women.
Credit: Bani J Instagram
  • Yasmin Karachiwala: Yasmin is a Pilates trainer and instructor, with 1 million followers. She gives tips to her followers on home workouts and is building her social network. She is also a celebrity trainer and has given fitness training to Bollywood actors Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone.
Credit: Yasmin Karachiwala Instagram
  • Namrata Purohit: Namrata has 358K followers. She too is a pilates instructor and trains celebrities as well.  She shares videos of her workout sessions to teach her followers how to do it the right way. She is the author of “The lazy girl’s guide to being fit”.
Credit: Namrata Purohit Instagram

Fashion & Beauty influencers

  • Komal Pandey: Komal Pandey, with 1.5 million Instagram users, is all about fashion and is a unique fashion influencer.. She posts many creative videos about fashion that help many! She is one of the biggest fashion influencers in India.
Credit: Komal Pandey Instagram
  • Somya Gupta: With 845k subscribers, Somya is quite popular for her everyday lifestyle-related and fashion modeling photos. She also a fashion blogger and a makeup artist and shares her fashion and makeup videos on her Instagram profile. She has worked with the cosmetics brand Maybelline India.
Credit: Somya Gupta Instagram
  • Roshni Bhatia: Roshni is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle Instagram influencer with 589k followers. She shares with her followers incredibly easy styling tips and hacks. She is a mother and is a true inspiration for working mothers out there.
Credit: Roshni Bhatia Instagram
  • Siddharth Batra: Siddharth is one of the few top men’s lifestyle and fashion Instagram influencers in the country. He has 221K followers. He shares fun and engaging fashion-related content videos on his handle that have garnered him a massive audience. Sharing his email address in his bio says a lot.
Credit: Siddharth Batra Instagram

Travel Influencers

  • Gaurav Taneja: Gaurav is a pilot by profession and labels himself as the “Flying Beast”. He has a popular Instagram account with 2.9 million followers and is also into fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition. He keeps sharing pictures of wherever he is traveling, mostly with family and friends!
Credit: Gaurav Taneja Instagram
  • Nivedith Gajapathy: With 251K followers, Nivedeth labels himself as “Macro Traveller” and also runs a YouTube channel by the same name. He has traveled to many countries including Japan and Egypt. Also, he writes for many esteemed publications such as TOI, NatGeo, Femina, Lonely Planet, TravelXP, and more. 
Credit: Nivedeth Gajapathy Instagram
  • Archana Singh: Traveling to more than 60 countries around the world, Archana is considered one of the top Travel Influencers of the country. Archana has a total of 58.3K followers on her instagram account. She is a solo woman traveler who wanders around the world at her own pace and for whom experience is more important than the company.
Credit: Archana Singh Instagram
  • Siddhartha Joshi: Siddhartha has 125K followers. He is the founder of the blog – “THE WANDERER” which is one of the best blog sites in the Travel & Living industry. A lot of esteemed publications such as Times of India, Hindustan Times, HuffPost, Shutterstock, and TEDx have covered Siddhartha’s work.
Credit: Siddhartha Joshi Instagram

Food Influencers

  • Karan Dua: With 952K followers, Karan ranks amongst the top Indian food influencers on Instagram as well as YouTube. He labels himself as the “Dil Se Foodie” guy. He has been featured in prominent publications such as The Hindu, Economic Times, NavBharat Times, Forbes India, Business World Magazine, and Lonely Planet India.
Credit: Karan Dua Instagram
  • Kabita Singh: Kabita Singh needs no introduction when it comes to the food influencers. With 853K followers, she is one of the top food Instagrammers and YouTubers in the country. Kabita is a creator who mainly shares recipes of dishes from the Indian Cuisine.
Credit: Kabita Singh Instagram
  • Deeba Rajpal: Deeba Rajpal has 229K followers. She shares with her followers amazing food stylings, recipes, and beautiful plating. She is not only a baking enthusiast but an inspired food blogger, and food stylist.
Credit: Deeba Rajpal Instagram
  • Uma Raghuraman: With 126K followers, Uma Raghuraman is a cooking enthusiast and decorative platter. She is a former participant of Master Chef India and was awarded the 2017 Saveur Blog Award for Best Food Instagram. Uma is also the author of “My Genius Lunch Box”.
Credit: Uma Raghuraman Instagram

Technology Influencers

  • Shlok Srivastava: Shlok or “techburner” as he labels himself has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and is one of the top influencers in this domain. He creates videos and posts around various tech products and their usage, offers on the latest tech gadgets, and more.
Credit: Shlok Srivastava Instagram
  • Manoj Saru: Manoj is a tech influencer with 449K followers. Manoj shares the latest tech news on his channel, as well as reviews of the latest gadgets. You will also find many useful “How to?” videos on his channel.
Credit: Manoj Saru Instagram
  • Mohammad Ruhez: Mohammad Ruhez has 281K followers and labels himself as “techno ruhez” on Instagram. Ruhez shares reviews about the latest smartphones, laptops, TVs, and other tech gadgets on this tech channel. He is also one of the top 10 Tech YouTubers in India.
Credit: Mohammad Ruhez Instagram
  • Hitesh Kumar: With 91.4K followers, Hitesh is not new to the tech influencer world. He has a vast knowledge of the latest technical gadgets and aims to help his audience understand which gadget would suit their purposes the best. He labels himself as “Technical Dost Official”.
Credit: Hitesh Kumar Instagram

What To Look For To Find Instagram Influencers For Your Brand

  1. Target audience match: First things first. Create a list of influencers with regard to their followers count, as per your brand needs. After you have finalized a few, take a look at who their followers are. Do they match your target audience? If they do, then the influencer can reap great results for your business. But if they don’t, the influencer may find it difficult to engage his followers with your business message. Also, don’t forget to check the way the influencer engages with his followers, especially when promoting a brand or a product. 
  1. Knowledge about your industry: The influencer you choose must know your industry. The right influencer is the one who shares information or content based on his/her experience and expertise. Otherwise, it seems like a sales pitch. It helps immensely if the influencer knows about the industry and is passionate about it. 
  1. Goal match: While choosing an influencer, always make sure that it is aligned with your company’s goal. If your goal as a marketer is to increase brand awareness, then you should try and find macro influencers as they have a wide reach and fan base. But if your goal is to increase conversions, then you may want to go with micro-influencers or nano influencers as they have high engagement rates. 

We hope you found our list of Instagram influencers useful for your marketing campaigns! Influencer marketing is a great way of letting people know about your brand or products which would take a long time otherwise. They have a wide reach and generally have a great effect on people. You can use several Instagram influencers for creating brand awareness and lead conversions. Here is the list of Top 100 influencers in India who you can reach out to get started with your brand’s influencer marketing. Download the list of Top 100 influencers in India.

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