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Enjoy clear payment overviews and effortless quick actions.

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Consolidate all your payees, instantly add new ones, and view in-depth transaction histories.

Secure Payments with every Card

Velocity Pay is a PCI-DSS-compliant platform, guaranteeing secure transactions without storing your card details.

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Harness advanced features for effortless control over your payments and invoicing

Simplify Invoice Management

Add invoices from various channels like WhatsApp and Email, with a range of payment options. 

Seamless Integration with Accounting Tools

Automatically reconcile your invoices with accounting software like Tally for hassle-free accounting, saving you time and resources.

Streamline Payments with Ledger-Level Visibility

Pay with ease and accuracy at either the ledger or invoice level, and enjoy automatic reconciliation with your accounting software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to do my KYC? Why is it mandatory?

As a regulatory requirement from RBI, KYC is necessary to verify an individual's identity.

How secure is my card?

To secure the card, we follow PCDI DSS tokenization protocols and do not store any card information.

What cards are accepted?

We only accept Master & VISA cards. Other cards would be accepted soon.

When will the payment be credited to the payee's account?

Funds will be sent to the payee in one working day (T+1) after the transaction has been successful.

How many transactions can I do in a month?

There is no limit to the number of transactions you can make on our platform. However, please note that lower promotional charges, if applicable, will be applied to transactions up to a cumulative amount of 1 crore INR or for the first 3 months from signup, whichever comes first. Once this threshold is reached, standard charges will apply to additional transactions.